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BioGrad Exams enables students to undertake the A-level practical endorsements in each of the sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each five-day course involves 12 practical investigations, providing numerous opportunities for students to meet the Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPACs). Our courses are designed not only for the assessment of these criteria, but also for students to enjoy their practical work, and to learn good laboratory practice. Furthermore, under the supervision of our experienced and knowledgeable staff, students are made to feel welcome and supported as they explore the practical aspects of topics they may have met only in the classroom.

A message from Dr Martin McWatt, Head of BioGrad Exams:

“Practical work brings science to life; indeed, fundamentally, it is the origin of all scientific enquiry. Without our natural curiosity and practical investigation of the universe in which we live, the theories and concepts we currently study in science would not exist. The importance of practical work to underpin scientific theory is at the heart of modern education, and to this end, all examination boards require that their candidates pass the Practical Endorsement in all A-level science subjects for full certification.

BioGrad Exams enables students to undertake these endorsements in each of the sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

I hope that you are able to join us; whether you are looking to enhance your qualifications or simply wishing to gain hands-on experience in a real-life laboratory setting, I am confident that your time with us will heighten your understanding of your subject and stimulate ideas about the myriad of opportunities a career in science would provide.

We look forward to seeing you soon!”

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